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Wisteria Tunnel – A Colorful And Flowery Walk In Japan

Have you ever dreamt walking down flowery passage, wondering about a fairytale?? If yes, take a break; visit the Wisteria Tunnel,the flowery paradise situated in Kawachi Fuji Gardens, Kitakyushu, Japan. 5 hours from Tokyo and you will witness yourself in world’s most beautiful pastel-colored fairy tale tunnel.

The jewel of the park, obviously, is the Wisteria flower tunnel. Do you know the reason behind Wisteria been so colorful and graceful?? The gardens are home to about 150 Wisteria flowering plants spanning 20 different species. With colors ranging from blue, pink, violet, purple and white, the clusters of these spiral flowers give the entire tunnel a rich and royal look. Wisteria does not only look beautiful, but also smell good. On top of that you can listen to the buzzing of hundreds of bumblebees.

There were two wisteria domes past the tunnels and, beyond that, and huge open space where wisteria flower gracefully swayed from the ceiling trellis above. Did you know that one of the huge wisteria trees in the Kawachi Fuji Garden is over 100 years old?? Apart from magnificent wisteria, you will also find some “Tsutsuji”.

The best time to visit is from Mid-April to Mid-May, though the blooming might be a bit different from year to year. Moreover, an annual “Wisteria Festival”, also known as “Fuji Matsuri“, is hosted on April 27-29 to offer additional festivities in the gardens.

So, Hurry Up!! What are you waiting for?? Pack your bag today for Wisteria Tunnel!!