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Visit Beautiful Heritage Sites In India

Travelling to different places in India with interesting theme gives you a totally amazing experience. Isnt it? Indian heritage and culture has been one of the most popular themes often chosen by history lovers. Exploring exotic historical and heritage sites in India, a platform of rich tradition, diverse culture and vast history, can be an amazing experience of lifetime. Once you begin exploring historical sites of India, you will realize that excellent manifestations of architecture and art have been established in various shapes and forms. A long and diverse history of India has undoubtedly resulted in the creation of artistic illustrations. From East to West and South to North, traces of Indias culture and history can be found everywhere.

Some of the greatest heritage landmarks of the country which depict ancient glory of its rulers and religion include Taj Mahal – an epitome of love and romance, built by Mughal emperor, Nalanda – it houses the glory of Buddhist culture, Devigarh Palace – an artistic illustration in the valley of Udaipur, Fatehpur Sikri – a red sandstone city near Agra, Konark temples – it has been approved as a world heritage site, Khajuraho temples example of intricate medieval Indian architecture, Ajanta-Ellora caves – representation of the evolution of Buddhism, and many more. Thus, when it comes to India, you will get a lifetime experience to observe its deeply rooted culture, history and tradition through some of the most striking destinations. If you are indeed interested in exploring significant places of Indian heritage and cultures, you must take advantage of extremely comfortable and easy to navigate through tour package offered by a leading travel service.

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