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The Heritage Landmarks Of USA

The United States of America consists of 50 states and the blend of cultures from practically every part of the world, including its own. The world knows USA as a superpower and a developed country, while the people residing there know the spirit and the legacy the country has carried on since centuries. From the world’s largest economy to leading military power, it has everything and stands a superior example for many other things. Visit to such a country would only enlighten you more on the rich heritage it boasts of. Planning of historical heritage tours to USA includes three most important cities which will introduce you to the remarkable and unforgettable inheritance of the United States.

Washington D.C


The capital of the United States, Washington DC is not only the political hub of the country but is also one of the most prominent historical heritage places of USA. It speaks and reflects the era after independence and the history America witnessed. The official residence of President of USA – White House and the United States Capitol are the most iconic heritage buildings of the country. The Lincoln memorial, Oval office, air and space museum and you wouldn’t be able to get enough of this magnificent city. Apart from these, you must also tour the Olympic national park which is a famous world heritage site.

New York City


New York is not only one of the most happening cities of USA but the world also. And, when it comes to touring the heritage sites of this city, you will find yourself staring at quite a big list. But you can always begin with the world famous Statue of Liberty. Located in the middle of New York harbor, the statue represents freedom and is a gift to US from France. Moving forward, you can visit the popular Empire State Building, the first suspension bridge- Brooklyn bridge, Trinity Church, Theodore Roosevelt’s Birthplace, Madame Tussaud’s wax museum and USS intrepid to name a few.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


A tour of Philadelphia in Pennsylvania will bring you to a place where the Declaration of Independence and United States Constitution was decided and agreed on. Known as a significant historical heritage landmark, the Independence Hall is witness to many of the important decisions of the American history that changed the country’s course forever, making it the nation it is today. Along with that, here you will also find the first bank of the United States. Another prominent heritage site is the oldest opera house of USA – Academy of Music. Visiting Philadelphia is visiting the foundation of the America and knowing the country from its core.

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