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Lifesaving Hacks For Solo Traveler

When the traveler goes alone,
He gets acquainted with himself…

Perhaps just finding yourself and exploring unknown parts is the best pastime that millions of individuals are embarking each year. Ever since one consider solo traveling, thousands of questions and worries arises in one mind. And to overcome you from these worries Easy Travel Deal has come up with some lifesaving traveling hacks for you.

1. Research and planning

Know your destination. Familiarize yourself with the place. Save maps on your mobile. Keep all the contacts handy in case of an emergency and take care of your belongings. Learn as much as you can about the things and the destination, but don’t plan a specific order. Always act like a local. Make sure to research beforehand about the typical tourist scam.

2. Email yourself Important Documents

Email yourself a copy of all your important documents, including copies of your passport and visa. This will come handy in case your belongings get lost or are stolen.

3. Pre-book hotels and flights

Book your hotel in advance. It helps you not wandering around a new city looking for the accommodation. Once you’ve made your bookings, make sure to take the screenshot of the bookings and save them on your device.

4. Exchange Currency

Exchange currency before starting your trip. It will save you from the trouble of searching for the currency exchange centers. Also sometimes, cash comes in handy in case of an emergency. Also call your Credit or Debit Card Company to ensure that you have your card authorized for your foreign destination. Never flash your cash.

5. Stay in touch with your friends and family.

Buy a local Sim card and constantly stay in touch with your friends and family regularly updating them about you. Use Whatsapp, Skype, leave a voice message or send a photo or text to make sure they know your current location.

6. Be confident and trust your instincts.

Trust your guts. If a certain place, people or thing is making you uncomfortable, leave that place immediately without worrying about anything or delaying even for a second.

7. Pack Smart

Roll your clothes when packing. Mark your baggage as fragile to ensure that your baggage is handled correctly. Make sure your phone is fully charged and you also carry a portable charger with you.

8. Neither drink the water and nor get drunk

Bottled water is always safest and probably better tasting. Make sure you never get drunk during your travelling. It not only reduces your inhibitions, but also your awareness of your surroundings.

9. Enjoy

Last but not the least, enjoy your travelling. Solo traveling is an experience that inspires, tests and strengthens you. So stop worrying, be cautious and enjoy to the fullest.

Hurry up!! Pack your backs and Get Going!!!