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World’s Best Solo Holidays

As the world is becoming crowded as we speak, there are people who enjoy travelling all by themselves and various regions on their own terms. Adding to that, community meet-ups & groups with a heavy influx of online resources, solo travelling has become much easier as it used to be earlier. Here’s a short list of travel places around the world where you can enjoy solo freedom which discovering new places.

Paris, France (Europe)


Believe it or not, Paris is such a city where you can spend hours in a Café observing the French culture through the windows. There are places where you can meet other solo travelers and join up to explore this magnificent city. If you are a woman and wondering if it’s safe , don’t worry, Paris is a safe city to travel alone.

Bali, Indonesia


How can Bali not be on our list? What has Bali got in store for you? Beaches, organic eateries, markets, yoga, spas – sounds interesting? Yes, it is! Bali is a global hotspot for solo travelers. The cost of living is not that high as compared to other travel destinationsUbud is a popular destination for meeting with other travelers.

Bangkok, Thailand


Solo travel and Bangkok together have an intricate history.  This place with its excellent infrastructure keeps its visitors busy. You can explore temples; do cheap shopping, visit floating markets and a enjoy a fabulous nightlife. Bangkok has been always notorious for creating friendships.

Dublin, Ireland


Ireland is famous for warmth and friendliness, especially Dublin. Step into any traditional Irish pub and crack an easy conversation with the locals who are completely used to the tourists, even in the most far-off places. There are various locations here which are popular among solo tourists. The people are friendly and will go an extra mile if you need any help.

Santiago, Chile


Beautiful public spaces, excellent restaurants and advanced transportation networks – these are just some of the things that Santiago is famous for. It is accessible and urbane, yet an authentic South American cities. It is very likely that you’ll find yourself getting invitations to family barbecues as the locals are very friendly and inviting.

Apart from the above, there are very many other locations in the world where you can travel all by yourself. Picking the destination to travel is only the first step. Once you reach your destination, travelling on your own is where the fun part actually is!