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World’s Ultimate Road Trips

The thing about road is that it never ends, and when the question is about road trips, none would want it to end. There is fun, excitement, freedom and thrill to road tour that makes it one of the most adventurous ways one can take to travel. The experience of taking a road trip once will definitely leave you planning for more and every time it will present something new. So, pack your bags, take a map and get ready to undertake some exciting road trips.

Columbia River Gorge, USA


Fasten your seat belt and roll down your window because you are traveling through the Columbia River gorge and shouldn’t miss the stunning views you are just going to witness. Known as the “King of Roads”, not only the natural scenery but also the incredible history of this place will make your trip truly a wonderful one. 130 km long, it is also the state line between Washington and Oregon. The splendid and dramatic waterfalls, the outstanding overlook of the second longest river of USA and the tall and steep cliffs makes it one of the best highways to undertake an amazing road trip.

Cabot trail, Nova Scotia


Named after famous explorer John Cabot, the Cabot trail is a beautiful scenic roadway through Cape Breton Island of Nova Scotia. Stretched for 298 km, the road trip will present you with one of the most picturesque views you have ever witnessed. The western and eastern part of the trail gives magnificent glimpse of the coastline and Atlantic Ocean, while the northern section (one-third part) passing through the famous Cape Breton Highlands National Park will leave you with breathtaking mountains and natural scenic backdrops. The drive through Cabot Trail is unbeatable and the blend of thrill and beauty will leave you asking for another round trip.

Basque Circuit, Spain


Spain is a remarkable country with exotic locations and wonderful traditions. And so, a road trip to Basque Circuit in northern part of Spain will take you to alluring beaches, striking scenery and dramatic coastline, promising to be the best of road driving through the country. This 480kms long route begins in Bilbao, moving forward to Pamplona and ending in Pyrenees which is in France. Yes! Basque circuit will not only allow you to tour Spain but France also. Throughout the entire route you will find many stunning attractions and sights at every turn and twist that you take.

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