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Explore India’s Best Street Shopping Places For Tourist!!

Those who hate shopping, don’t know how to shop”

Are you a tourist wandering in Indian streets and wondering where to shop from?? Or are you an Indian, thinking where to go for shopping?? Don’t worry, In India eccentric and iconic bazaars, shopping can always be a thrilling and delightful experience. Shopping in India is not always about visiting neighborhood mall and swiping the debit card. Ranging from centuries old craft items to latest gizmos, these markets offer an infinite memento to take home and that too at unbelievable price. Easytraveldeal.com brings you the best shopping streets in India for tourist. Whether you are a shopaholic or not, visiting these places will never let you reach home empty hand.



Being in Goa and if you don’t visit flea market, your trip to Goa would be worthless. Arpora Saturday Night bazaar has something for everyone. With a wide selection of clothes, shoes, bags, handicrafts, jewellery, leather accessories, home décor and festoons, etc…it has it all. You name it and you get it. Carved rosewood furniture is the specialty of Goa. Wait, Goa has more to offer. Brass oil lamps called samai, brass lamp trees, decorative wax candles and bamboo mats, lampshades, hanging baskets, flowerpots, Goan sausages, cashews, meat and farm produce, to native jute, leather, and ceramic ware, Goa has all.



In this incredibly versatile capital city, Delhi is full of a variety of markets. Dilli Haat offers an array of traditional handicraft items, paintings and ethnic food. Where Connaught Place offers a complete shopping experience Janpath Nagar offers conceivable fashion, dress, footwear, ethnic craft and jewelry. The best destinations for street shopping in Delhi are Purani Dilli (Old Delhi) Chandini Chowk, Khan Market, Janpath market and Connaught Place (CP).



In Mumbai, the fashion capital of India there is nothing that you can’t find. Government emporiums are good for handicrafts and locally made toys and clothes. Zaveri Bazaar has amazingly good silver articles, old jewelry, and all household items like handy coasters, statues of animals, napkin rings, ornately worked picture frames, trinket boxes etc. The Linking Road market been one stop shop offers everything and anything that you can name it.



With over 2500 store, Kolkata, the land of sweets is the only organized street market in the India. New Market has the widest range of goods including leather goods, plastic toys, jewelry, garments, fabric, confectionery, clothing, poultry products, meat, flowers, etc… Kolkata’s specialties are red-bordered saris, leather bags, sweets and books. Where Bowbazar is famous for wooden furniture and musical instruments Fancy market is famous for all imported goods.

Happy Shopping!! 