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Go & Explore the Most Exotic Places in the World

Earth is full of exotic landscapes, which are just out of the world. They are unbelievably beautiful. Here, we have listed some of the most exotic places in the world.
Great Barrier Reefetd_exo_sept_851_1

Once in a lifetime experience, Great Barrier Reef is one of the seven natural wonders of the world with nearly 3000 coral reefs, drawing tourists from all over the world, whether it is viewing marine life through a scuba mask or from the glass boat or just sailing over the transparent water.

Bora Boraetd_exo_sept_851_2

This beautiful island of Bora Bora has dormant volcanoes rising up at its center and stretch into dense jungles culminating into a lagoon. Also considered as the pearl of the Pacific, it is a tropical getaway abounding with warm waters, clear skies and friendly locals.

Cusco, Peruetd_exo_sept_851_3

Cusco often spelled as Cuzco signifies the rise and fall of Inca civilization followed by the Spanish rule and the imprints of both can be found in this city. Also tourists make the pilgrimage from Cusco and the sacred valley to view the fabled ruins of the ancient world- the wonder of South America’s Manchu Picchu.

Argentine Patagoniaetd_exo_sept_851_4

This part of Andes Mountain is home to enthralling blue lakes, shining glaciers, green trees and clear blue sky presenting an enthralling landscape before you. In the Lake District, the villages are vying with snowy mountain peaks while on the east you can spot whales in Peninsula Valdes marine wildlife sanctuary. On the other hand, in the south you can find deserts and melting glaciers and further south you can view the vast lands stretching to Antarctica’s frozen lands.

Cano Cristales, Colombiaetd_exo_sept_851_5

Also known as the Liquid Rainbow, it is considered to be the most beautiful river in the world. During July-November, the riverbed is full of shining colors like green, yellow, blue, black and red making it a kaleidoscope of colors as you look into it.

Arashiyama Bamboo Forest, Japanetd_exo_sept_851_6

This bamboo forest is so green and presents such a panoramic view that walking here without a camera is nearly a crime! Wherever you see, lush green bamboo trees greet you with utter calmness.

Forest of Knives, Madagascar


It is hard to believe that life can exist in the razor sharp vertical rocks formed out of limestone, over a long period of time. One can find different species of birds and lemurs while trekking here.

Porto Heli, Greeceetd_exo_sept_851_8

It has lush olive groves and perfect bays, which look so beautiful that they appear to come straight out of the picture postcards. One can enjoy tranquil beaches for sunbathing or just idling out.

Maui, Hawaiietd_exo_sept_851_9

It offers a mix of vibrant wildlife, complex history and culture. One can enjoy the traditional Hula dance, golf along coastal fairways, snorkel or just laze around some of the most spectacular Hawaii’s beaches, enjoy the scenic coastline of East Maui, or explore Haleakala the world’s largest dormant volcano.