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Life Is Better At Jericoacoara Beach!!

Tired from the hustle bustle of your daily life?? Take a break from your routine!! Escape to the paradise of Jericoacoara Beach. It is a virgin beach located about 327km to the west from Fortaleza, State of Ceara, Brazil. It is considered among the top 10 beautiful beaches in the world. In 1984 federal law declared Jericoacoara an “Environment Protection Area” (APA).

The beach has gained immense popularity and fame amongst backpackers seeking for more adventurous, unknown and unusual locations. Jericoacoara is a combination of words from Tupi-Guarani language. Yuruco (hole) + cuara (turtle), meaning “hole of the turtles”, that comes from the fact that Jericoacoara is a place where sea turtles come to dig holes where they can lay their eggs.

See the below top most attractions of Jericoacoara Beach:-

Sunset Dune:


Enjoy the beauty of sun rise and sun-set from the top of “Sunset Dune” – which is located on the west of the village.

Night Sky:


The sky at night filled with stars shining brightly and gives a perfect glaze for astronomy enthusiasts or simple star gazers.



Capoeira, the Brazilian martial art is a fight that was disguised as a dance, during the slave trade in Brasil. Every evening after sunset the distinct and rhythmic sound of the berimbau (a simple stringed instrument) will draw you towards white dressed figures moving with acrobatic grace and speed.

Pedra Furada:


Pedra Furada is the natural arch of rock which is located about 10 minutes from the village. Arriving just before sunset you can witness the sunset right in the middle of the Arch; an excellent photo opportunity. The beautiful views from all directions will give you the most thrilling and amazing feeling.

As the life’s rhythm in Jeri is naturally slower than normal one can have peaceful, laid-back atmosphere and tranquility to relax!!