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Best Travel Destinations In September

August end – end of summer – end of vacations? Absolutely Not!

To those of you who believe that the vacation times are over; it’s time to get a reality check. September is considered to be one of the best month to travel. The best thing about this time of the year is that the prices see a downfall, the crowds disappear and no traffic at resorts & hotels. The beach which wasn’t visible few weeks back is now all yours!

While some vacationers contemplate that the Mediterranean is a nice vacation hotspot in September, there are other travel aficionados who would tell you to head north. European cities like Venice, Madrid, Barcelona, Palma, Berlin can be your favorite vacation destination if you want to travel in September.

America is another good option. The high season would have has passed by then and the summer highs would be declining, however you’ll still find bright weather at the lakes and beaches. Some of the hot destinations in September in USA are Las Vegas, Atlanta,San Antonio,New Orleans, The Great Lakes etc.

In Africa, Zimbabwe can be a nice place to visit for relaxation. Namibia is in its winter period, so it will be dry and sunny. Northern Africa would be a good region to explore if you plan to visit this part of the world.

Where you go in September would depend on what vacation plans you have and how much time you take out for yourself for relaxing and having some good family time or even explore various destinations, all by yourself.

Our verdict September is the best month to travel! You could disagree, but you’d probably be wrong.