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Top 3 Celebrated Historical Places Of The World

Even in the modern era, surrounded by modern technology and science, the history never fails to surprise and astonish the world. Every country has a rich heritage and culture which reflects its past and traditions, and few of them has made significant contributions to the world’s history and culture. You don’t have to be a hardcore history fan to visit and appreciate the historical-cultural destinations, because these places have the charm and the power to render you speechless in fascination with what they present. Among the several historical places all across the globe, below you would get introduced to the three countries whose rich culture and astounding history makes them prominent cultural- historical destinations.



You remember movies depicting the magnificent Roman Empire or Julius Caesar? Well, Italy is the land which inspired them. The centuries old culture, traditions and architectures of Italy still continues to amaze and marvel the world. The list of must-see places in Italy might be longer than you expected, but once you start visiting them you wouldn’t be able to find words describing the architectural and historical wonder they are. The Colosseum and Renaissance architectures of Rome, the beautiful city of Venice built on water, the city of Milan with its magnificent and popular taste in art, and many more makes Italy the historical-cultural destination it is.



Everyone has heard of Alexander the great and Hercules. While the former was a king who conquered the world, the latter is a mythological demi-god with powers beyond human. And they both belonged to the country, we today call Greece. Being one of the most prominent cultural destinations of the world, Greece has a history which blossomed over the centuries. The city of Athens is home to archaeological ruins of the popular Acropolis, the ancient Agora, the Parthenon and many more, which now carries the reflection of the great ancient times and culture Greece witnessed. Between the exotic Greek islands and the archaeological sites, this land of Aristotle and Plato is a perfect cultural destination.



The kings, the queens, the French court and the castles will make you wonder about the intriguing and magnificent history of France. Nothing in any other place can compete with the beautiful historic villages, palaces and chateaux of France. The French architecture is highly spoken of and you would know exactly why when you witness the towns and cities of this country. And, it is not just the architecture, but also the music, art and literature of France that is ranked higher and is extremely significantly popular. Paris is the heart of France, the Eiffel tower and Louvre museum are the major tourist attraction in the city. Apart from it the French Rivera, Mont Saint-Michel, Bordeaux are famous historical cities in France.

So, pack your bags and tour these destinations because they will not only reveal to you the history, but also, make you relive the history once again.