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Roha Fort – A Historical Fort Of Kutch

Very few countries in the world have a rich cultural history like India!! When people think of India, the first thing that comes in one’s mind is forts and palaces along with its interesting history. Let’s have a look on one of the interesting historical fort of India, Roha fort.


Roha fort is situated on the periphery of Roha village in Nakhatrana district of Kutch, Gujarat. It resides above 500 feet from ground level and 800 feet from sea level.

Roha was considered as the hot seat of Roha Jagir, the ruler of Roha fort. It was considered as the leading Jagir of Kutch as in its medieval period around 52 villages was ruled under this fort.

The famous poet of Gujarat, Thakore Kalapi wrote romantic poems at Roha Hills. The atmosphere of Roha hill is very peaceful. You can even see many peacocks and birds nearby fort and hill.


Kutch was established by its ruler Rao Khengarji who ruled it from 1510 to 1585AD. The fort is situated on the hills of the Roha hill and was built by his brother Sahebji who died after a battle with Raysinhji Zala oh Halvad. The two big tanks were made by his successor Jiyaji and a Fort was built by his son Thakur Noganji.

The fort is also known as Sumari Roha owing to the aspect that more than 120 Rajput and prince who sacrificed their lives in the battle with Alludin Khilji have their Samadhi within this fort.

Tourist Attractions:

Along with Roha Fort the other spectacular sites are Vardhayani waterfall, Lander and Talaghar waterfall. Besides this one can visit Ballaleshwar Temple which is situated on the foot hills of Sarasgad. It is considered among one of the eight temples of Asthavinayak, Lord Ganesha.

Thakore Virensinhji Saheb, the present thakor of Roha Fort lives in Bhuj and is looking forward to develop Roha as an attractive tourist points.

So when are you visiting Roha??