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Best Family Holiday Destination To Celebrate New Year

“A New year…

A New start…

And Way to Go…”

The countdown to the New Year eve has begun. New Year comes once a year, so it’s worth making it memorable. It’s a time to start over, to forget the old and cherish the new and to resolve to better. But before being so good and sincere, why not have a fantastic party?? But where’s the best place to be when the clock strikes 12 at the midnight of 31st December?? There are so many fantastic places in this world, to celebrate this special eve. Have a look at some of the best family holiday destination for New Year eve celebration.

New York


The New Year eve at Times Square, New York is witnessed by millions of people who gathered around for world’s famous yearly party. When you are counting down the seconds to New Year, a huge 12 foot glittering ball is drop down from a flagpole with over ton of confetti dropped on party goers. Do you know that it is the tradition followed since last 100 years?? The event is accompanied with pyrotechnic light show, big celebrity music acts and a New Year’s Eve Wishing Wall.

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

http://www.easytraveldeal.com/blog/family-vacation-destinations/Rio is best known for its iconic New Year Party. Iconic Copacabana Beach witnesses the world’s largest New Year eve celebration hosting almost two million people from the different corner of the globe. Locals dress into white at midnight and throws handful of flowers into the ocean as gift to Yemanja, goddess of the seas waves. The celebration is accompanied with live musical and dance performances, and colorful fireworks. Later on, the streets, bars and restaurants are filled with parties, dance and music.

Paris, France


If you are looking for a night that you’ll never forgot, then Paris is the answer. The city of light lives up, when the Eiffel Tower becomes the site of a spectacular lightshow and fireworks display. Champs–Elysees, hosts a massive street party where people toss champagne and exchange kiss, papillotes, chocolates, etc.



What’s better than spending a night at waterfront in Sydney to celebrate New Year’s Eve. The famous Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Opera House and nearby buildings are ignited at midnight with world’s most spectacular fireworks. More than millions of people witness waterfront show including air and water show featuring aerial acrobatics, an Aboriginal smoking ceremony and the Harbour of Light Parade.

Hong Kong:


Hong Kong New Year’s Eve celebration, one of the best New Years Eve parties in the world features the best pyrotechnic shows in the world followed by a sensory extravaganza of light and sound and an eight-minute fireworks show over Victoria Harbour.

So where are you planning your New Year Party??