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Most Disappointing Destinations In The World

Ok, so this is something very subjective! So, one might 100% agree to what we have to say and others would completely disagree with every word on this post. There are various destinations in the world that do not have a positive reputation and are known for disappointing tourists. This list which we are talking here is not exhaustive. However, while you are going through it, don’t take this too much to heart.

Loch Ness


We all have heard about the very popular Loch Ness monster. People visiting Scotland always have the curiosity to visit Loch Ness. However, this place does not have much to offer to the tourists. The place is cold, surrounded by grey skies, dull water and a lot of sales people selling stuff you will never need. Adding to that, we are sure you won’t see the friendly Loch Ness monster!

Egyptian Pyramids


With no doubt, the Egyptian Pyramids are definitely a glorious reflection of our history. So what do you get when you arrive here? You’ll have locals selling you scrap, some smart pickpockets, and you also might get caught up in a political protest. Exploring the location from a distance would be a better idea instead!

Roswell, New Mexico


Do you want to go to a crappy, alien-themed location?  You should hit Roswell today! This place if full of alien fantasy which makes us believe that the aliens really chose this place on earth as their home. Unless, you’re really an alien fantasy fan, queuing up The X Files on your laptop could save yourself from the hassles of the trip.



One of the most fascinating sights that you will see on this face of mother earth is Stonehenge. However, it seems now that England has given up on it as they are not treating with the respect that it deserves. You have to stand at a significant distance from the stones. What you will see except the stones? A lot of beer cans (of course empty ones!). Some visitors even say that the best view you’ll get is driving past it. Next time, you’re on the way to Bristol; make sure you take your camera with you!

Let us know if you agree with what we have mentioned here, or if we have a difference in opinion, we’d love to hear your story!