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Living in a gas chamber-Delhi Smog

Delhi the quintessential destination for tourist all over the world because of its heritage sites fusing with the modern marvels is now covered in a haze of uncertainty not literally but actually, as a haze of SMOG has engulfed the entire Delhi and neighboring regions as well thus making life unbearable not only for the travellers but also for its population. The air has become so polluted that it has crossed levels beyond the limit of human consumption so much, that the state administration has to close all the schools, shut down all construction activities in the city for a few days, stopped use of gen sets and has issued advisory notice to people to restrict their outdoor movements. All of sudden there is a rush of people to buy masks to protect their kids, family and themselves and you find yourself in an alien city we watched in movies where everyone is moving with a mask on!


The reasons are not far to find out. The lack of unawareness and utter disregard to environmental concerns has caused this to escalate to this level and everyone from state agencies to common population, is responsible for this calamity. Delhi always was reeling under the vehicular traffic load with a major part of it being heavy trucks and buses that run on diesel and are not fit to ply as per emission norms. Open disposal of waste and thoughtless waste disposal through open burning along with heavy Industrial smoke including govt. run thermal power plants were adding to the pollution bomb ticking away! The critical point was reached when farmers started burning the waste in their agricultural lands to prepare it for next crop and Diwali smoke ignited it. BOOM! Delhi becomes a gas chamber unfit for human living! And the first line of casualty are the kids, the older people and asthmatic patients and mind you even younger people are not safe as the air is so bad that it is akin to smoking 25 cigarettes a day. We can only imagine and lament at the state of things!

This is a national crisis. Everyone has a part to play. Central govt. must discuss the neighboring states to sort the burning the waste crop by farmers by providing them subsidies for renting or buying advanced thrashers and encourage the farmers to use them and not burn in the open, control on vehicles mainly diesel vehicles with poor emission, encourage people to use public transport and provide better means for it, scientific and environmentally friendly disposal of waste, addressing the dust related issues in construction and manufacturing and finally urging the people to celebrate without harming the environment.

We must learn form the countries that have tackled this problems earlier and if we don’t learn now then we will be living this nightmare again and again as this will engulf the entire country and will affect our stability, economy and our stature as a country.