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Christmas Destinations To Look Out For In These Holidays

Christmas rings celebrations, happiness and holidays. It is that time of year when most of the people choose to go on vacation destinations all around the world. While some of you love the snow covered Christmas, there are also others who look for warmer places to celebrate and enjoy the holidays. The best Christmas destinations will only add more to your festive spirit, fun and a vacation well spent. Let’s have a look at the some of the most popular Christmas destinations in the world.

Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland


There is nothing more marvelous than spending your Christmas in the official town of Santa Claus-Rovaniemi. Christmas celebrations in this city are very popular and bind every tourist to its charm and history. The northern lights, the polar bears and the reindeer farms are some of the major attractions in the city. Kids love Santa Claus and adults can’t deny the fact they themselves feel the same. So, plan a trip to village of Santa Claus with amazing snowy Christmas with breathtaking lights, and you would remember this as your best Christmas ever.

Reykjavík, Iceland


If you have ever wondered what paradise looks like in Christmas then Reykjavik would paint you a picture far better than your imagination. This snow covered town with Christmas lights in every nook and corner of the city, brings alive the spirit of festival through its traditions and celebrations. Tourists have gala time with their Christmas shopping getting more exciting with the different stalls and market in the city. Geothermal spa (Blue lagoon), the largest church of Iceland (Hallgrímskirkja), a nature reserve (Heiðmörk), to name a few, are the major tourist hubs.

Santa Barbara, CA


If you are planning to ditch the snow covered Christmas for a warmer and sunny destination, then Santa Barbara might be the place you are looking for. With a Mediterranean climate, there are festive celebrations almost all year round. Quite a number of restaurants and eatery places can be found lined up in Santa Barbara, making your Christmas dinner more ravishing. The major highlight during Christmas is the Santa Barbara Christmas boat parade. Complete with music, boat parade, lights and fireworks, the event is quite an astonishing view for the spectators.

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico


Divine festival that it is, Christmas in San Miguel de Allende will let you in for an angelic feeling and experience. The celebrations go on for nearly a month and every day the city will surprise you. Processions, fireworks, feasts and the churches, all lit up is every bit the Christmas you would want to have. So, this Christmas leave your winter wear at home and tour the city with a colonial history.

So, which is your favorite Christmas destination? We love exploring places, as much as you do!