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When in India, do as the Indians do

India is a land of diversity and to enjoy the true spirit of India, eat, shop and travel at the famous Indian tourist destinations like an Indian do. You won’t believe, but street food can be the ultimate tour guides in India. Get down to the local food streets and while enjoying delicious, mouth watering

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The Coolest and Cheapest Backpacker Hostels in India

Travel is an addiction that is not just healthy for your soul, but it also teaches you salient lessons of life. It motivates you and gives you an opportunity to know who you are and what you want. Traveling has the power to manipulate your mind and open doors to new changes. Exploring brings you

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Most Beautiful forests in the world

Forests are essential for life on earth. Forest can be just as beautiful as a sight of a fairyland. Nothing is more tranquil rhan enjoying the view of magnificent forests. Check out some of the most mysterious and beautiful forest in the world and why it should be on every traveler’s bucket list. White Carpathians

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Most Beautiful & Unusual beaches that you’ve never seen before

While hearing the word “Beach” the first thing that appears in your mind is the white and yellow sands accompanied with sea waves and bright sunlight. But wait, beaches comes in different shapes and colors too. Explore these unique, unusual but most beautiful beaches in the world with EasyTravelDeal.com Maldives Beach It’s an Ocean of

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10 Best Experiences to have during your Trip to India

India is a kaleidoscope of human emotions, natural beauty in all shades and color, vastly varying landscape to fulfill the expectations of every traveler. Here are some of the places to visit and things to do in India which one must surely witness in during their trip to India to remember forever. The Taj Mahal

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Living in a gas chamber-Delhi Smog

Delhi the quintessential destination for tourist all over the world because of its heritage sites fusing with the modern marvels is now covered in a haze of uncertainty not literally but actually, as a haze of SMOG has engulfed the entire Delhi and neighboring regions as well thus making life unbearable not only for the