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8 most beautiful places to visit in Paris

Paris is the fashion capital of world and is considered to be the hub of art, culture and literature. It still retains the old time charm of wide boulevards and beautiful river Seine flowing across the city. It is also called as the city of love and gastronomical delights. Where ever you go you’ll find reminiscent of history merging with the modern marvels of architecture. So if you are planning a trip to Paris, don’t forget to add these best tourist attractions in Paris to add in your bucket list.

Eiffel Toweretd_effel

Paris and Eiffel Tower are synonymous! It was built to commemorate the centenary of French revolution and stands 324 meters tall and is the most visited tourist spot in the world with millions of tourists flocking to it every year! One gets an excellent view of the great metropolis Paris from the summit of Eiffel Tower.

Notre Dame Cathedraletd_notr

Notre Dame Cathedral is also one of the city’s well-known icons, famous for its French Gothic architecture, which is considered to be the best. Its structure has portals surrounded by various Roman scriptures and gargoyles on the ceilings and one can have a great view of them as one reaches the top of the towers.

Louvre Museumetd_lovure

The Louvre, the largest art museums in the world, was a formal royal palace under Philip II and is the most visited art museum in the world. It is spread over an area of 210000 square meters. The collection of the museum include antiquities of Ancient Egypt, Orient, Greek and Roman periods, scriptures of middle ages and Renaissance period along with valuable pieces of art and paintings including the famous “ Mona Lisa”.

Champs Elysees Arch of Triompheetd_elysees

Built in 19th century by Napoleon to glorify the imperial armies, it is the largest monument of its kind in the world. Influenced with Roman architecture which have scriptures carved on the pillars and also the names of generals along with great victories are engraved on top of the arc and underneath the arc is the Tomb of the unnamed French soldiers. The avenue from Arc de Triomphe to Champs Elysees is considered to be the most beautiful avenues in the world and is the shopper’s delight!

Palace of Versaillesetd_versailles

Built in 17th century to embody the military might and supremacy of France in Europe, it is the most beautiful castle in France. It was the seat of political power in the kingdom of France from 1682 to 1789. It has large number of buildings, gardens and terraces with interiors showing the richness of Renaissance period and is a MUST see for the tourists as it has a great significance in the great French Revolution of 1789.

Cruise on the Seineetd_cruise

Paris is best enjoyed at night when it is all lighted, through a cruise on the Seine. One gets a panoramic view of the city’s icons structures like Eiffel Tower, One can also have dinner cruise on the Seine to make more memorable.

The Luxembourg Parketd_luxembourg

The Luxemburg Park was created to landscape the Luxemburg Palace and is located on the left bank of the Seine also known for its student life, lively atmosphere and bistros, including many higher education institutions. It is great walk around amidst Orchard, apiary and greenhouse with orchids and beautiful fountains.

Moulin Rougeetd_moulin

Initially started as a courtship dance, The Moulin Rouge is a cabaret that came out of famous French Cancan. Now this cabaret is now popular in many countries of the world and its style and form have been followed by many countries in the world and have many films have been made on it. Today Moulin Rouge is a tourist attraction providing entertainment to tourist from all around the world.