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Best National Park Attractions In Europe

Planning an Adventurous Holidays?? Are you fond of nature, flora, fauna, lakes, mountains, etc? Are you planning a trip in Europe? We at easytraveldeal.com will suggest you to explore some of the most beautiful National parks in the Europe. It’s the best place and time to forget the crowd and relax in the lap of Mother Nature.

Triglav National Park- Slovenia

Triglav National Park

Triglav, the only national park in Slovenia is named after the highest mountain residing in the heart of the park. Hikers and campers can enjoy an unspoiled environment of mountains, meadows and streams nestled in the Julian Alps.

Oulanka National Park Finland –Russia

Oulanka national park

Oulanka National Park situation in Lapland near Finnish-Russian border is an ideal destination for a day trip or a 3-6 days trekking. The park is well known for its reindeer and is a home of many rare plants, animals and taiga forest species. Also two large rivers flow through the park which is also crossed by Karhunkierros.

Peneda-Gerês – Portugal


How about a free ride on the back of one of the domestic Wild Garrano in the Peneda – Geres Park? Serra do Gerês is the park’s most popular spot occupied with pools to swim in. This park is spread across 703-sq-km park encompasses boulder-strewn peaks, precipitous valleys and lush forests of oak and fragrant pine.

Saxon Switzerland National Park – Germany

Saxon Switzerland

Saxon Switzerland National Park resides on the border of Czech Republic’s Bohemian Switzerland National Park. The park is an irresistible draw for rock climbers. It creates a mix of diverse natural habitat including plateau mountaintops, steep ravines, wildflower-filled meadows, moors, and extensive forests.

Sarek National Park – Sweden

Saxon Switzerland

Sarek National Park, a natural treasure of Sweden is the home to 100 glaciers and 6 of Sweden’s 13 highest peaks. Europe’s Last Wilderness is the perfect definition of remoteness, alpine peaks, massifs; glacial valleys, torrential rapids, and terrain. It’s just like a paradise for experienced hikers, mountaineers and adventure fanatics.

Kalkalpen National Park – Austria

Kalkalpen National Park

Kalkalpen National Park in Austria forms the largest forested region in central Europe. The park has number of hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding trails. Despite its striking natural beauty build with dense trees are rivers, canyons and gorges, popular with rock climbers, as well as cyclists, walkers and skiers the park is relatively unknown.

Port Cros – France

Port Cros - France

The National Park, Port-Cros residing in France includes the main island, the smaller adjacent islands and all of the waters surrounding this area. In the extraordinarily clear water, one can discover the incredible range of underwater flora and fauna.