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Great European castle tours worth visiting!!

European history is made distinct by the presence of castles, which are a living testimony of history. One can discern through them the dynasties that rule the region, the kings and their traits along with the regional characteristics that leave their marks on the physical structure standing there. The best castles in Europe to visit are as following.

Château de Chenonceau, Francechateaude

This castle presents one of the most beautiful views, with its reflection in the water of river Cher where it is build on. The beautiful gardens all around it add to its beauty. Inside, it houses Renaissance period furniture, paintings and other art pieces.The castle is located in the small city of Chenonceaux.

Prague Castle, Prague, Czech Republicpraguecastle

This is the largest castle in the world and is also the most beautiful as well. Its place is built in Gothic style with some buildings in Renaissance style and it houses several museums and other worth seeing buildings and is open to public.

Neuschwanstein, Germanyneuschwanstein

This is a fairy tale castles appears to be nestled among the clouds and was featured in various movies and its resemblance can be found in one of the castles in the Disneyland Park, thus enticing a large number of visitors every year.

The Palace of Pena-Portugalpalaceofpena

The King Ferdinand II built the Palace of Pena in Sintra Hills, with clear influences from Manueline and Moorish architecture. It is built in such a way that it is visible from any point in park which is full of forest and gardens with at least 500 different species of trees originating from four corners of the earth.

The Alcazar Castle-Segovia-Spainalcazarcastle

The Alcazar Castle is built in stone, coming up from a rocky structure over the confluence of two rivers near Guadarrama Mountains and is considered to be one of the most distinct castles in Europe as it is in the shape of bow of a ship. It has inspired the movie Disney’s Cinderella Castle.

The Castle in love with the windcastlinlove

Awarded as the most attractive tourist site of the year along with many other similar awards, this is a great structure made of marbles and metamorphosed limestone. The nature too loves it as when there is a wind there is Sunshine and vice versa, a unique natural phenomenon.


It is of medieval period built by Edward I on his conquest of Wales in 13 century. It is in rectangular shape and is built with local and imported stones. It is considered to be the finest example of military architecture in Europe and is considered as a heritage site by UNESCO.

Windsor Castle-Englandwindsorcastle

The official residence of Her Majesty the Queen, Windsor Castle is the oldest and largest occupied castle in the world, spread over in 5 hectares of land housing buildings with Royal collections, Drawing Gallery and St. George’s Chapel.

Hohenwerfen Castle-Austriahohenwerfencastle

This castle has stood tall over 155 meters high rock pillar above the Salzachtal valley for well nearly 1000 years, built as a strong fortification and medieval defenses and have witnessed countless attacks, wars and several great rulers.